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Dear Customers,

To make a purchase from the site please contact the Customer Service Department by telephone: 099 799 498 or 055 799 499.

You can make an online order by ArCa Armenian Card system or the moment you receive the item by POS terminal.

The items sold at are delivered only in Yerevan. The delivery cost is 1000 AMD.

When paying more than 30.000 AMD, the delivery is free of charge.

Outside of Yerevan the items are delivered via post mail. In such cases the payment should be made to our bank account.  The delivery time is 1-2 days. The mail delivery is free of charge.

Items that cost less then 5000 AMD, are delivered only by mail.

Dear Customers,

You are not obliged to buy the delivered items. If you do not like the item you can send it back with the courier the very moment you received them.

Thank you for choosing BeOne.


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