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Дата: 20 Август 2018

Бренды от BeOne
10 Октябрь 2010 12:0:11
Здесь вы можете познакомиться с брендами, которые BeOne предоставляет своим преданным посетителям и еще раз помогает им Быть Единственными.
About Calvin Klein
10 Октябрь 2010 11:10:49
Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs men'sand women's designer collectionclothing and a wide range of other products such as Calvin Klein hangbags, Calvin Klein belts and Calvin Klein shoes. Since its 1968 start, the Calvin Klein brand has become synonymous with sleek and sexy shoes, adorably functionalhandbags, and quality, stylish clothing. 

Along with classic shoes, clothing and accessories, Calvin Klein's chic and understated style translates into the Calvin Klein Fragrance collection. Known the world over for such timeless scents as Obsession by Calvin Klein, Euphoria, CK One and Eternity for Men and Women, Calvin Klein fragrances bring a distinctive grace and modern elegance to the entire Calvin Klein collection. Calvin Klein's classic scents are also always evolving through the times and seasons to cater to the relentless pace of fashion. With a mixture of modern sophistication and classic sensibilities, Calvin Klein fragrances are synonymous with the brands image of effortless and enduring style that defies trends and fads. Being one of the most widely recognized fashion brands in the world, Calvin Klein is rapidly establishing the market position that a brand of its stature deserves. The successful performance of every new collection and the growing number of international stores is just the beginning of Calvin Klein’s tremendous potential. 

Keep an eye out for Calvin Klein clothing, Calvin Klein shoes, Calvin Klein handbags and Calvin Klein accessories as they climb to new heights in the fashion world! 

9 Октябрь 2010 12:23:8
The Marciano brothers, Maurice and Paul, have been instrumental to the growth and prosperity of the GUESS brand since its inception in 1981. Maurice and Paul Marciano have dedicated their lives to continuously creating fashion-forward and trendsetting GUESS shoes and handbags, GUESS watches for men and women, and GUESS kid’s shoes. 

GUESS designs are what sets them apart, and keep them at the top of the fashion shoe, handbag and watch industry. GUESS has grown to become one of the most widely recognized shoe brands for men, women, boys and girls in the world. GUESS is synonymous with glamorous style at an affordable price. 

GUESS shoes are designed to have a cool and casual appearance that can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion. GUESS shoes offer a vast selection of silhouettes and heel heights for the fashionable man, woman or child. 

GUESS is also widely known for their accessories, offering a plethora of fabulously wearable handbag and watch designs. To remain at the forefront of fashion, GUESS watches offer every possible style choice for men and women. Their famous GUESS Waterpro line of watches has solidified them as a true force in the watch market. With so many styles of watches to choose from, there is a GUESS watch out there for every style and need. When style and functionality blend effortlessly, it’s truly a winning combination.

About Jessica Simpson
9 Октябрь 2010 2:34:39
Jessica Simpson handbag, clothing and footwear lines define Americana of today: an iconic, fashion forward image - accessible, comfortable and timeless. The collections are American and feminine, forward but classically familiar, approachable yet inspirational, sexy yet sweet, flirtatious and whimsical, vintage at times, but always of-the-moment. 

Jessica Simpson’s career continues to inspire and entertain! Her fun and friendly personality has led to legions of fans that look up to her as a fashion icon. Jessica Simpson handbag, Jessica Simpson footwear and Jessica Simpson clothing collections are inspired by her lifestyle and love of fashion! The collections deliver trends born from great design and high quality materials that celebrate her All-American style. Glamorous, and comfortable, edgy and versatile, Jessica Simpson handbags clothing and footwear put the fashionista in the every day! 

Along with her vivacious and flirty sense of style, Jessica Simpson is also known for her gorgeous, flowing blonde locks. Working with her hair stylist/best friend, Ken Paves, Jessica has also ventured into the world of hair! The Hairdo hair extensions line by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves lets you play dress up any day of the week. Whether it's long, sexy waves, or playful bangs you crave, Hairdo hair extensions let you explore your different sides easily. These affordable, lightweight and easy-to-clip-on hair extensions are virtually undetectable and made of only the finest quality fibers or 100% human hair available. So go ahead and play the sassy vixen or the all-American beauty like Jessica with her fun Hairdo hair extensions! 

Jessica Simpson says: “I am every girl, I want my style to be accessible and fun! I want women and girls to feel comfortable and confident wearing my products".

About Steve Madden
9 Октябрь 2010 2:33:27

With enough attitude for even the sassiest fashion diva and the most discriminating and stylish men, Steve Madden shoes, Steve Madden eyewear and Steve Madden clothingare always the ones to watch for the hottest up-to-the-minute trends in fashion. The Steve Madden name has become synonymous with what's fresh, young and totally hip. 

From daring silhouettes in trendy materials to bouncy tennisshoes, to stylish classics, you'll always be one step ahead with Steve Madden shoes on your feet. Steve Madden clothing is always on the pulse of what's hot in all the fashion magazines and trendiest retailers. To complement your completely on-trend Steve Madden ensemble, Steve Madden sunglasses are the perfect solution for a touch of cool that you can just throw on and go! The Steve Madden Men's shoe collection features the best styles in men's footwear for any occasion. 

Steve Madden shoes, Steve Madden sunglasses and Steve Madden clothing consistently covers all the must-have trends season after season. From sexy sandals, sporty sneakers, or the hottest sunglasses to complete your look, Steve Madden is the go-to brand for true style mavens.

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