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Date: 17 May 2018

About AK Anne Klein
7 October 2010 19:21:0
AK Anne Klein features contemporary clothing, shoes, and accessories from one of the most recognized and trend-setting designers in the world today. AK Anne Klein offers a versatile collection of women's shoes in an extensive range of sizes, colors, and styles. AK Anne Klein watches exude the same confident, modern appeal as the footwear. Work-appropriate, clean and sophisticated, AK Anne Klein shoes and watches are made for the woman who wants timeless style. AK Anne Klein understands today's fashion trends, offering fashionable, functional watches, women's boots, women's sandals, and every silhouette in between. 

With such an incredible range of styles, the AK Anne Klein women's footwear and watch lines are sure to provide the perfect complement for whatever the occasion and setting. Choose tailored sling-backs for the office or sexy knee-high boots for a night out on the town, and match it with a stylishly designed AK Anne Klein watch, and you've got a look that's timelessly elegant. The AK Anne Klein customer is all about transcending trends and fads. She embraces the brand's modern sophistication in its design approach. 

With AK Anne Klein there's no compromising style, comfort, or function. AK Anne Klein women's shoes and watches are simply a perfect fit. 

About L.A.M.B.
7 October 2010 19:19:22
Widely recognized for her eclectic personal style and natural elegance, Gwen Stefani created L.A.M.B. clothing, L.A.M.B handbags and L.A.M.B. watches out of her love of design. L.A.M.B. is an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, which was coincidentally also the name of her first solo album. "I just wanted to make clothes I would really want and things that would represent me". 

The L.A.M.B. clothing line was launched in 2003. The L.A.M.B. clothing line was so successful; it was only natural to add L.A.M.B. shoes, L.A.M.B. handbags, L.A.M.B. watches and L.A.M.B fragrance. Gwen Stefani, the Grammy winning musician, actress and style icon, serves as Creative Director for L.A.M.B. and oversees every stitch and intricate detail of the products, working closely with the Royal Elastics design team. Attention to details and a "made with love" philosophy drive this collection. L.A.M.B. clothing, L.A.M.B. shoes, L.A.M.B. bags, and L.A.M.B. watches are loaded with sublime surprises and luxurious accents. L.A.M.B. shoes include a cutting edge collection of pumps, flats, sandals, boots, and shoes that allow you to immortalize your image and shine with supreme style! 

L.A.M.B. handbags, shoes and accessories are coveted by fans. L.A.M.B designs include influences from a variety of cultures including Guatemalan, Japanese, Indian and Jamaican styles and all made from the finest imported Italian leathers. The delightful design of L.A.M.B. handbags, L.A.M.B. shoes and watches are so fresh and famous for their unexpected details. 

About CL By Laundry
7 October 2010 19:17:13
Walk the streets knowing you’ve got the hottest trends at your feet! For a fresh approach on life and style, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes that are all about individuality, when you snatch a pair of kicks from CL by Laundry.

Since its debut in 2003, CL by Laundry shoes has become a destination for girls who are looking for the newest styles. Effortless sandals, shoes, boots and flats are what make the CL Laundry customer keep coming back for more. 

With a wide range of silhouettes, fabrics and colors, CL by laundry offers the perfect fit for every lifestyle. From flats, to pumps, mary janes, sandals and boots, she’s sure to find something that allows her to express her individual style freely.

About Exchange by Charles David
7 October 2010 19:15:8
The Exchange by Charles David shoe line was launched in 2005. It’s an affordable diffusion of the Charles David collection geared to the teen market. Exchange by Charles David offers contemporary silhouettes and styles that range from pumps and sandals to wedges and flats. 

Exchange by Charles David shoes are designed with the “fashionista” in mind. Unique fabrications and techniques keep the Exchange customer one step ahead of the others. Feminine and playful treatments are prominent throughout the Exchange by Charles David line. 

The Exchange by Charles David shoe collection is inspired by the trends of today’s runway darlings and fashion icons. Pairing modern silhouettes with creative fabrics is what makes this collection so unique. Exchange by Charles David shoes are sold exclusively at small boutiques and specialty stores nationwide. 

About BCBGirls
7 October 2010 19:12:16
The French term bon chic, bon genre or BCBG, was first applied in the 80s and translates to "good style, good attitude." Now BCBG is synonymous with the chic, trendy and unique line that includes BCBGirls shoes, BCBGirls clothing and BCBGirls watches. Originally designed to bring the sophistication of European fashion to American women, BCBGirls shoes, BCBGirls clothingand BCBGirls watches did just that. Created by Max Azria after moving to the United States from Tunisia, BCBG's popularity quickly spread from the west coast to becoming internationally known in the fashion world. BCBGirls shoes, BCBGirls clothing and BCBGirls watches deliver a unique blend of uncompromising fashion. Now you can have glorious style without skimping on all-day comfort. With a variety of different looks, you're bound to find just the right complement to any outfit. Versatile enough for casual and dress, BCBGirls provides the unlikely combination of mature playfulness in every style.
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